The Office Chronic Disease Prevention aims to help DeKalb residents live longer and healthier lives by focusing on the prevention of diabetes, obesity and hospitalization due to asthma and cardiovascular disease by improving nutrition, increasing physical activity and reducing tobacco use.

Programs and Services include:

Live Healthy DeKalb Coalition: Live Health DeKalb is a coalition of community-based organizations, agencies, faith-based groups, businesses and residents who envision “healthy people living in healthy communities.” The mission is to build a community network through collaboration and partnership to improve the health of those who live, work and play in DeKalb County.

The Coalition is comprised of the:
  • Health Equity Action Team
    • Seeks to engage diverse communities in dialogue and action aimed at identifying and eliminating health disparities.
  • Tobacco Prevention Action Team
    • Educates the community on the health effects of tobacco use and secondhand smoke and advocates for stronger clean indoor air ordinances and policies.
  • Go Green Action Team
    • Educates the community on environmentally friendly products and promotes recycling initiatives for families and communities to reduce air pollution.
  • Physical Activity Action Team
    • Increases awareness and opportunities for physical activity through schools, faith-based organizations and worksite interventions.
  • Nutrition Action Team

Increases awareness and opportunities for nutrition through schools, faith-based organizations and worksite interventions.

Men’s Health Initiative: The Men’s Health Initiative is dedicated to identifying and employing comprehensive strategies which address and correct the physical, social and psychosocial barriers to men’s health through an integrative community approach. Key components of the initiative include:

  • Men’s Health and Wellness Clinic
  • Fathers Offering Resources and Education (FORE) Program
  • Annual Strong4Family Health and Wellness Fair

Health Promotion Initiative: The Health Promotion Initiative implements population-based efforts aimed at reducing some of DeKalb County’s leading causes of death and disability. The work of the Health Promotion Initiative is guided by addressing chronic disease risk factors, promoting healthy youth development, targeting unhealthy behaviors and improving the management of chronic diseases. It is supported by the Georgia Department of Public Health’s –The Office of Planning and Partnerships in the Chronic Disease Prevention Section.

Local Efforts towards Addressing Disparities in DeKalb County: This initiative engages a network of partners to increase the accessibility of fruits and vegetables and to increase opportunities to engage in physical activity. Current LEAD DeKalb initiative are funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) through the Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH) grant. As part of the LEAD DeKalb program there are five (5) health-focused initiatives which are implemented throughout DeKalb County:

  • Farmers and Mobile Farmers Market
  • Social Media Ambassador
  • Safe Routes to School
  • Shared-Use Agreements
  • Parent Health Ambassadors

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